10th Feb 2012

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10th Feb 2012

Post  nairny on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:15 am

My good mate Mic Foot rang to arrange a few hours on the Stour with me, so it was a good excuse to have an away day from work.

We met in the car park around 12 noon and Mic said it would be good to challenge the Stour again, after all he has relatively easy fishing on the Thames!! We set of downstream and Mic settled into a swim I thought would give him the chance of a fish, if not he had plenty to go at as we were the only people on the fishery.

I made my way back a few hundred yards upstream and float fished maggot, flavoured with 3-B maggot dust, the first two swims were unproductive, but conditions were good apart from a biting wind, so I was ever hopeful. I spoke to Mic who had informed me a good bite had been missed on the cage feeder and bread flake set up he was using, I then set off for a new swim in the search for a fish, the cast was difficult to say the least, the 5 swan loafer was swung underarm into a small gap between bushes where a slack formed, then the float was eased out to pass along side the bushes lying in the water, feeding every trot I was confident of a bite at least, a voice behind me asked how it was going, it was my old mate Alf Tapley, no good I said, as the float passed along the sticks then disappeared under the water, I lifted the rod and connected with a good fish which was trying to get into the undergrowth along the far bank, steady pressure kept her out and now a big Stour chub was hanging in mid stream, I kept the pressure up and the 3lb hook-length to a size 18 did not let me down, the fish was soon in the net, by now Mic was with us as well and I don't think he was to happy, judging by the look on his face!!

Its only a fish Mic.

Mic and Alf weighed the big chub and the recording was 6lb 11oz, I was well chuffed with that.

Mic then did the honours with the camera and despite his best efforts! did not manage to cut my head off.
6lb 11oz

Time was getting on, so I moved off upstream and left Mic too it, the phone rang and he told me he had managed a decent chub off 5lb 5oz, nice one mate.
I ended up fishing a swim near the car park on the bread feeder at last knockings, Mic had packed up and was now behind me, I started putting some bits into the rucksack, out of the corner off my eye I saw the tip move , Mic said” there you go” and after a very hard fight another pristine looking fish of 5lb 6oz had been landed. A good end to the afternoon, and spent in very good company, cheers Mic.

cheer for now nairny

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Re: 10th Feb 2012

Post  micfoot807 on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:44 am

BLAAARGH!! That`s the sound of me choking on my tea as I read your opening comment....Thames...easy???? Hmmm I think you`ve been living down in Lampardshire for too long. Mind you I reckon you`d probably catch up here too....given time!!!.

Joking aside, I do love the Stour and although the conditions looked good I think the wind had an effect, on me mainly. I was bloody freezing, my nose was running like a looter with a bag of basmati, if I`d taken me hands out of my pockets I might have hit a couple more bites, bloody wuss.

I will grant you Mr Nairn, you know your river well and definitely know how to extract its better inhabitants but you will have to concede, that last one was at least half mine!!!!

Cheers mate, top day out!


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