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Day Session Common

Post  Mason361 on Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:11 pm

I decided to go down the night before to have a look around and put a bit of bait in here and there, ready for the session the next day. I wasn't able to get down to the lake for a early start, but got there for around 10 am and settled for one of the swims i baited up and have had some decent fish from previously, so had a idea where the rigs where going to go.So had a quick lead around the areas baited from day before, and the right hand spot had got a lot weedier since i last fish it and for this time of year. So i decided to lead around the left hand rod while i think of a way to tackle the other area, as due to the nature of that swim, as it tuck away, there isn't much water to cast to, and is all short range stuff, just the way i like fishing, with potential stalking spots nearby. So i got the left hand rod out pretty quickly as it was much clearer and on a spot i had fish from previously just in front of some lilies. i then decided to fish a more buoyant snowman setup than i would normally use, on the right rod to combat the weed better, and got the right rod out and put a few handfuls of 3-b around each rod and i was fishing.

About 1 hour after casting the right rod, while i was trickling in a bit of bait in the margins and looking for any sign of fish, my right rod gave of a single bleep, the slack line had tighten up to the spot, and for a split second i thought i had been pick up and drop in the lilies, however the tip pull a tiny bit then pull again, so i pick up the rod and i was in, and the fish was pulling in to the lilies and had weeded it self up, but by keeping the tension on it, i managed to slowly free her, then she started to fight hard, even with a ton of weed on the line, she kept trying to get in to lilies and weed beds , but it made it a great fight in the tiny tucked away swim, and as soon as she came free and away from the lilies, she came up to the surface and i could see it was a decent carp, and within around 5 mins of a hard fight i managed to net her.I thought it was the same common that i had previously at 28lb, and had to look at some pictures to see that it was another nice dark common, caught on the snowman rig over a good spread of 3-b boilies. This common came in at 26lb 11oz.


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