First Few sessions on the 3-B

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First Few sessions on the 3-B

Post  Mason361 on Wed May 02, 2012 1:53 pm


My name is Peter and i have just started using the 3-B boilie and thought i say how i have been getting on with it.

I was down the syndicate a couple of weeks ago for a 30 hour session. I got to the lake and it was packed, with the most amount of anglers i have ever seen on there around 14 in all and all bivvied up, and due to the nature of the lake and with there only being a few swims left,so i had to go on the bank that was on the bank of the wind, and the deeper end. I began leading around and found a few clear spots at around 40-60 yards, i had previously seen signs of fish in this area from other sessions, and got both rods out and got a good spread of the 3-b boilies over the top, but unfortunately i didn't have anything in the night, and due to not hearing or seeing anything in the night or morning , which is unusual for the lake, as you often hear a fair few carp crash in the night, i decided a move was in order. So decided to move to the side of the lake in the afternoon that is less open and more close range/snag fishing due to the channels and reed lines, so once again leaded around, but this swim was covered in thick weed and silt so was difficult to find a decent spot, but got there in the end, and after a few hours being in the swim i was in to a 16.5lb mirror on the 3-b tipped with a pineapple and banana pop up on a line aligner, but that was all that session and sadly i got a good night sleep.

My next session i got down on the following Friday and wanted to do a longer session than the usual overnight, i got there at around 4-5pm and set up again in the same swim as last session as there was a few people on the lake, in the most popular ones, and the swims i wanted to fish were flooded due to the lake being topped up with 18 inches of water. Since i had a idea of spots to fish i was able to get the rods out pretty quickly, but i decide that i would cast my left rod out a little further past a reed bed and in to open water so i could intercept the fish better and from different angles.

This time it took a little longer till my alarm sounded, at around 3am i was in to a carp, it didn't fight hard, but it resulted in a beautiful 13lb 8oz linear, it was only one of the stockie, but weight i feel is irrelevant when they look like that, this again was caught on 3-b boilie tipped with a pineapple pop up on a line aligner. The next day and night was quiet apart from around 7 or 8 tench to 4-5lb on 3-b, but it was at 6am i was rewarded with a 28lb 9oz common carp and a long one at that, which again didn't fight hard but kept down deep, and when i netted it i knew it was a 20lb+, and when i saw 28lb on the scales i was well please as it is a new pb, and another one in about 4-5 weeks. This one was caught on a pinkish pop up, which i used to try and act as a washed out 3-b, and to combat the amount of weed that was in the swim, over a good spread of the 3-b boilies,

i feel it a good start on the new bait, and sure they will be more to come hopefully my first 30lb

13lb 8oz

28lb 9oz

16lb 8oz



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Re: First Few sessions on the 3-B

Post  baitboss on Fri May 04, 2012 3:25 pm

Hi Peter

Cracking common mate, nice one Very Happy

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