9th October2011

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9th October2011

Post  nairny on Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:57 pm

Had a strange weekend, Saturday saw a game of cat and mouse played out as an angler that I have seen on the bank a few times decided to try and see where I was fishing,for the first couple of hours I fished a spot that would probably take you a year to catch a fish from, and even longer with no bait on, which is what I did for two hours or more, sad I know but why should I do all the hard work for someone else to reap the rewards. At six pm he left, so I moved into a swim that I had been feeding for some time, one bite resulted in a chub of 5lb 7oz, not a monster but welcome all the same.

big five

Sunday. The car park was empty, great, I set off to the top end of the fishery, it soon became apparent the wind would play a major factor, I baited up the swim with around twenty 3-B boilies and soon had a few good chub feeding, no barbel came in, as is the norm when the wind gets up on the Stour.
The tip was flying about in the wind, and bite detection was almost impossible, not good for me as I pride myself at being able to hit the smallest of indications, so I looked for anything out of the ordinary, a litlle change in the tip direction was all I needed,something looked odd, so I struck, after a short battle a chub of 5lb 10 oz was landed, how the hell I saw the bite I will never know, I decided to move after that. Another funny bite in the car park swim , something heavy made its way off downstream then the the hook pulled , not had a fish from there this season,put some baits in as I left. one will come from there at some point.


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