3rd September 2011

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3rd September 2011

Post  nairny on Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:28 am

In my last blog I told of my plan to catch some of the barbel spotted in the weed, I did go back for them the following weekend but as always on this stretch they had moved once again, so another plan had been scuppered. I have since found them again so will get another chance soon.

So it was back to the chub for a bit, one of the swims that holds some big fish has a wasps nest right where you need to sit, the phone rang Saturday morning with Aidie telling me to bring a litre of petrol paper and lighter, I thought his idea of a Molotov -cocktail a little harsh but it seemed to do the trick, so I fished it again this weekend, fish could be seen over the gravel but it was some time before one made a mistake,although not one of the big one’s at 5lb 9oz was still very welcome, however this put the others on edge so a move was decided upon, walking to the top of the field, a clear glide against the far bank rushes gave only small indications the fish were there but not having it. I was on the move again walking slowly trying to spot some fish, on a small patch of gravel just big enough to get a bait on a good chub was spotted.
After a couple of minutes it left the swim so half a dozen 3-B boilies were flicked out the short distance and as they drifted onto the area, a dark shape appeared and started picking them up. I watched and waited for it to leave the swim, then a short underarm cast put the bait in the right spot first time. Sitting on the grass behind the nettles the fish could not see me and soon it was back and heading for my bait, watching as it inched forward, then my hook bait disappeared into its lips, sweeping the rod back it came to an abrupt stop as the fish took off, I piled on the pressure and bullied it into the net before it could make up its mind on which weed bed to snag me in.
Laying the fish on the mat it looked decent, and in mint condition, the scales were zeroed and a pristine chub was weighed at 6lb 1oz. Aidie was on hand to do some pics for me, so I shall share them with you to show what a good job he did.


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