How's people getting on?

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How's people getting on?

Post  TenchmanTim on Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:43 am

How's anybody getting on? Anybody out there bagging up at the moment?
I haven't been out on the rivers that much yet. I normally do quite a bit of early season chubbing on 'naturals' and stuff, but I've not even had half a dozen trips yet.
I did have a trip over to the Waveney, a new river for me, and caught loads of chub, over 20 in the day, but they weren't very big. The best just over 4lb.
The Ivel has been a little better and on my first visit of the season my first cast produced a nice 5lb7oz specimen, which was backed up by several more fish to over 4lb. I had my second trip this morning and achieved a long awaited target, with my first Ivel '6' at 6lb2oz. A really chunky old lump!

6lb2oz Ivel

I hope there's a few rods getting bent out there!

All the best, Martin

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